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Health Care Fraud

Nicole Knox represents healthcare organization owners, officers, directors, doctors, nurses, and other parties accused in complex healthcare fraud cases.

She understands your reputation and livelihood may be at risk and is prepared to launch an aggressive defense to protect your rights and your career.

Trends in Healthcare Fraud Cases

In recent years, the government has redirected its focus on health care fraud investigations. Historically, federal prosecutors focused on prosecuting pharmaceutical manufacturers, medical device manufacturers, and insurers.  Today, federal agents focus on criminal investigations of hospitals, home health agencies, hospices, doctors, nurses, and other individuals involved in the administration of health care organizations.

Over the last several years, the federal government recovered more than $2 billion from cases involving false claims submitted to federal programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. The government’s return on investment for investigating and prosecuting healthcare fraud cases guarantees it will continue to focus on aggressive enforcement.

Many cases involve a violation of the False Claims Act (FCA), which allows the government to begin a civil or administrative investigation. The FCA also allows a whistleblower, including current or former employees, to sue an employer and to recover a portion of the funds returned to the government. The government also relies heavily on the False Claims Act to bring criminal charges for illegal kickbacks. FCA investigations may also lead to the discovery of additional criminal violations.

Healthcare Fraud Cases in Texas

Healthcare fraud criminal charges and investigations occur more frequently in Texas than in many other states.  The federal government created a special task force called Health Care Fraud Prevention and Enforcement Action Team (HEAT) and placed HEAT task forces in nine cities across America. Two of the nine cities are Dallas and Houston, Texas.

The federal government often brings health care fraud criminal charges for false and fraudulent claims submitted to Medicare.  These claims include allegations for services never performed, for treatments never provided, and for medicine never administered to a patient.

Some cases involve allegations of complex conspiracies in which individuals provide kickbacks or bribes in exchange for Medicare beneficiary referrals.  Illegal kickbacks also include situations where a pharmaceutical company induces pharmacies to switch manufacturers in exchange for a rebate or discount.

These matters are complex. And, it is not uncommon for a medical professional to be charged with a crime simply because of a misunderstanding or an unintentional mistake. This includes situations when a professional intentionally acted in a manner that benefitted the patient.

Whatever the case may be, Ms. Knox will build a sound criminal defense strategy on your behalf.

Nicole Knox

Meet Nicole Knox

Nicole Knox has quickly become one of the best criminal defense lawyers.  She has defended the accused in nearly 100 jury trial verdicts, and she has earned over 60 “not guilty” verdicts.  Her dedication to developing a strong defense and to zealous advocacy have also resulted in a long list of dismissals, favorable sentences, and refusals to prosecute.

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    Health Care Fraud

    Nicole Knox represents healthcare organization owners, officers, directors, doctors, nurses, and other parties accused in complex healthcare fraud cases. She understands your reputation and livelihood…

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    I hired Nicole Knox to defend me against a false "deadly conduct" charge in Denton county. I could not have chosen better attorneys. Nicole and her team really cared about me and my case. She wasn't afraid to fight for justice. We took my case to trial and won a record fast "not guilty" verdict. I'm so thankful they had my back and got a great outcome.

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    Nicole Knox went above and beyond my expectations. She was thorough, knowledgeable, patient, and attentive. Without a doubt, Nicole Knox had my best interest and outcome in handling my case. I trusted her completely, and she saw to it that my felony case was dismissed and expunged.

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    I hired Ms. Knox to help me defend against a bogus felony charge. Her prices were very reasonable given the level of quality professionalism. I would highly recommend this defense attorney and believe her to be a reasonably zealous advocate. My experience is that she is also very patient and accommodating.

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    She is currently handling my husband's case and she is very aggressive plus she keeps me and him informed on what is going on with his case. I would recommend her to anyone. She is very straight forward and knows the law.

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    I have hired Nicole for several different issues my family was dealing with. She is extremely intelligent and organized. I have recommended Nicole to a couple of friends. She is very responsive and such a pleasure to work with. After dealing with several other lawyers it is refreshing to work with someone who returns telephone calls in a timely manner. I highly, highly recommend Nicole Knox

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    I am a widow living in Florida and had to have some legal issues handled in Texas. Nicole Knox handled everything for me in a very timely manner. She also was honest enough to refund a good portion of the retainer which was originally asked for because (as she stated ) "she did not have to use it all". How many lawyers do you know that would do that???? None that I have met so far!! She was very prompt to answer any e-mails or phone calls and kept me well informed.

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    Nicole was great.. We went to trial and she went to bat for me. I will always recommend her to anybody that needs a defense lawyer. I was a little nervous at first but Nicole calmed me down and we went against the Dallas police department. Nicole believed me when no one else would.

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    Very pleased that I was always kept apprised of all developments. Communications were frequent and prompt as my defense progressed. Nicole was very personable , organized and encouraging throughout my case. I felt the fees charged were very fair and reasonable.

    The outcome was 100% of my highest expectations.

    Ms. Knox would be my first and only call in the future, if needed.

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