Possession of cocaine with intent to deliver, Second Degree Felony

23 May, 2016   |  

Represented a young African-American male, who lived with his wife and two young children in a neighborhood known for high drug trafficking because it was the only place they could afford to live.

The Dallas Police Department entered an apartment one afternoon where they found the resident and three neighbors, including the defendant.   Officers found cocaine in a tin can in the closet of the apartment.  The defendant was the only person arrested because he was the last one to exit the apartment.

After a jury trial, the judge granted a mistrial due to the hung jury, and years later, the defendant pled no contest to a misdemeanor count of attempted possession.

Illegal Distribution of Prescription Drugs Online

01 Apr, 2016   |  

Represented an online pharmacy charged with six violations related to the sale and distribution of prescription drugs online, including charges of:

  • Illegal drug distribution
  • Violation of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act
  • Violation of the Internet Pharmacy Act
  • Conspiracy

The defense team was able to convince a federal jury that federal law did not prohibit the defendant and its network of doctors and pharmacists from prescribing and distributing pharmaceuticals electronically.

The company was found NOT GUILTY on all six counts of the federal indictment.

Possession of marijuana, Class B Misdemeanor

30 Apr, 2014   |  

Possession of Marijuana, Misdemeanor, Class B Misdemeanor.  Traffic stop for failure to maintain a single lane.  Evidence planted in passenger client’s purse.

Possession of black tar heroin, state jail felony

25 Jun, 2012   |  

Represented a man stopped by the Dallas Police Department because his license plate was too dirty to read.

A search of the vehicle after the dirty license plate traffic stop resulted in discovery of a small baggie of black tar heroin.

After contradictory testimony from the arresting officers and a lack of audio on the in-car police recording, the officers failed to prove that they had consent or a search warrant to support a lawful search of the vehicle.  The District Court Judge granted a motion to suppress as the result of an illegal search, and the drugs were deemed inadmissible evidence.

The state DISMISSED the charge after losing the hearing.