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Women in the Workplace: Sartorial Tips for New Lawyers - Featuring Nicole Knox

28 Aug, 2015   |   In the News

Authors Nicole Knox, Sarah LaFleur and Tory Hoen share their thoughts on professional workplace attire for lawyers in this Texas Lawyer commentary.

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How To Minimize Employee Theft & Embezzlement - CBS Small Business Pulse

25 Aug, 2015   |   Firm News

Nicole Knox shares her insight on how to keep small businesses from becoming a victim to theft and white-collar crime in CBS Small Business Pulse.

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Law 360 Polls Lawyers on Favorite Flicks – and Includes Nicole Knox

23 Aug, 2015   |   In the News

Law360, New York (October 21, 2015, 3:35 PM ET) — Like everything else, lawyers have strong feelings about the movies and the way their profession is depicted on the big screen.

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