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Texas Tribune Features Nicole Knox in Texas Gun Rights Coverage

10 Dec, 2015   |   In the News

But even if zoos can successfully argue that their programs meet the definition of educational institutions, they may still only be able to bar firearms from areas where educational instruction occurs, said Nicole Knox, a Dallas based criminal defense lawyer who represents clients who face firearms-related charges.

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Realizing Our Value: An Interview with DWLA President Nicole Knox

22 Nov, 2015   |   In the News

Nicole Knox, as president of the Dallas Women Lawyers Association (DWLA), discusses various initiatives that the group is working on, as well as overall issues with regard to women in the legal profession.

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CNN Includes Comments from Nicole Knox in Story Concerning "Affluenza" Teen Ethan Couch

22 Oct, 2015   |   In the News

Ethan Couch, sentenced to probation after a drunk-driving accident that killed four people, failed to appear for a visit with the probation department. Nicole Knox comments on the implications for his case.

Nicole Knox Speaks With The Dallas Morning News About Ethan Couch Case

03 Oct, 2015   |   In the News

Authorities want ‘affluenza’ teen Ethan Couch in ‘big-boy jail’ but fear he’s fled their reach Dallas criminal defense attorney Nicole Knox speaks with The Dallas Morning News about the case of Ethan Couch, who failed to show up for a meeting with his probation officer.

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FOX 4 News Interviews Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyer Nicole Knox for Gun Rights Story

23 Sep, 2015   |   Firm News

When the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear a Chicago case involving a local ban on semiautomatic assault weapons and large-capacity magazines, attorney Nicole Knox joined FOX 4’s Heather Hays to discuss the issues.

Women in the Workplace: Sartorial Tips for New Lawyers - Featuring Nicole Knox

28 Aug, 2015   |   In the News

Authors Nicole Knox, Sarah LaFleur and Tory Hoen share their thoughts on professional workplace attire for lawyers in this Texas Lawyer commentary.

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How To Minimize Employee Theft & Embezzlement - CBS Small Business Pulse

25 Aug, 2015   |   Firm News

Nicole Knox shares her insight on how to keep small businesses from becoming a victim to theft and white-collar crime in CBS Small Business Pulse.

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Law 360 Polls Lawyers on Favorite Flicks – and Includes Nicole Knox

23 Aug, 2015   |   In the News

Law360, New York (October 21, 2015, 3:35 PM ET) — Like everything else, lawyers have strong feelings about the movies and the way their profession is depicted on the big screen.

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Football Players Target Referee – Are Criminal Charges Possible?

03 Jul, 2015   |   In the News

Nicole Knox on KLIF discussing possible legal implications of Texas high school football players targeting referee.

Nicole Knox on KDFW FOX 4

23 Jun, 2015   |   In the News

Criminal defense attorney Nicole Knox on KDFW FOX 4 News discussing developments in the case involving Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

Nicole Knox Talks Ken Paxton on KLIF 570

04 Jun, 2015   |   In the News

Nicole Knox on KLIF 570’s “The Stinchfield Report,” discussing the indictment of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

Nicole Knox on John Wiley Price in Dallas Morning News

03 May, 2015   |   In the News

Coverage of the case involving Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price in The Dallas Morning News includes comments from white collar criminal defense attorney Nicole Knox.

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Nicole Knox Featured in CBS Let's Get To Work - Dallas Series

03 Apr, 2015   |   In the News

Dallas Attorney Says Education Leads To A Purposeful Life.

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